If you’re thinking about moving, it can feel quite overwhelming. If you’re moving during the winter months, it can feel like an intimidating task. Weather can add an additional challenge in an already stressful day. But it is possible; The Home Guyz have seen lots of successful, smooth winter moves. Whether you’ve decided to use a moving company for the big day or are using friends and family to assist, the preparation is the same.  Remember, they’re doing you a favour and the least you can do is ensure that you’re prepared for their help. It will be much appreciated. Here are some moving tips that can help your moving day, or even help you feel less anxious about the prospect of buying and selling your home in the winter months. 

#1  Check the weather and keep everyone in the loop. If a really big storm is expected, it may be best to select a different moving day, if all parties are willing and able. It’s a matter of safety for everyone involved, as well as anyone on the road that day.  

#2  Keep a “Moving Day Essentials Box”. These are the items you’ll need access to on moving day. You don’t want to go searching through boxes looking for something you need. Below is a list of all the items to consider putting in the box.

#3  Prepare your clothing - Remember not to pack away all your warm clothing and outerwear - keep a separate box for keeping these items handy if needed. Dress in layers; it may be freezing outside but as you start lifting, you’ll soon warm up. Make sure that you can accommodate by removing clothing. 


 Have a warming station; this is suitable whether you’re using a moving company or not. You may not have the heat on in the house (as the doors will be open all day) but make sure that you have a room where people can go to warm up. 

  Have hot drinks available. Again, keep them in your moving day essentials box with a crockpot, kettle and mugs so that you can provide friends and family (or movers) with some hot food and drinks. There are lots of recipes that you can quickly and easily prepare for moving day to keep everyone warm, like this one!  If delegation feels like the last thing you want to do on moving day, it’s a great task for grandma, or a pregnant friend who can’t help with lifting. Lots of people want to help but aren’t always able- and this task will keep them busy and useful and will be very much appreciated by everyone. 

#6  Have tarps and towels available for both residences. You’ll want to lay them down in the main walkways to keep from treading snow, slush or salt throughout the house. Have extra garbage bags handy (either in the house or in the truck) to cover items you may not want to get wet.

  Prepare walkways ahead of time. The last thing you need on moving day is for anyone to slip and fall. Make sure to have walkways cleared and salted before anyone starts moving anything.  

#8  Take Extra care with fragile Items. Extreme cold temperatures can shatter glass, so be mindful when packing. Some fragile items may need an extra layer of protection (bubble wrap etc.) and ensure these boxes do not get left in a moving truck overnight. You can create extra labels for these items to make certain that they can easily be spotted and separated from the other items. Keep important electronics in mind too, as they can also be damaged in extreme cold.  

 Make sure you keep snowplows in mind. Find out ahead of time where the best place would be to park extra cars, that won’t be plowed in. You do not want your friends and family getting plowed in after a long day of helping you move. 

 Get a babysitter. The house will be cold, the kids will be miserable, and it will slow down moving day. Avoid that hot mess by making sure you have someone who can take the kids for a fun day while you do the hard lifting.

#11  Once all the boxes are in, make your first task making the beds. You’ll be cold and tired, and it will be a long day. Once you’re exhausted and ready for bed- it’s the worst feeling to realize you must find/ unpack linen and make the beds. Do this first- you’ll thank yourself at the end of the day when you’re crawling into pre-made cozy beds.  

 Take care of your movers. It’s not an easy job for them so make sure you take care of them well in tough conditions. And if you’re satisfied, make sure to give them a great review online. 

#13 … MOST important! 
 Make sure your utilities are all set and on for moving day. You can’t arrive into a cold dark house and expect a smooth day. Ask your agent for tips to get this set up a few days prior to your move.    

Winter Moving Day Essentials Box: These are the items you don’t want to pack at the back of the truck. Keep this stuff handy so you can easily access it on moving day.


Spare Gloves, hats and warm clothing 

  • Towels, tarps, garbage bags and blankets 

  • Crockpot, kettle, coffee & tea, warm snacks, mugs/ teaspoons 

  • Space Heater 

  • Salt or sand for the walkways

  • Snow Shovel  

  • Cash to tip your movers  

  • Toilet Paper  

  • Flashlight (in the case of a winter power outage)  


Moving homes in Winter doesn’t have to be too daunting, as long as you’re well prepared, flexible and approach your day with a positive attitude. If you’ve just bought or sold your home, you’ll know there are benefits to the off-season. And if you’re considering selling your home and buying in the winter, speak with your Home Guyz Agents to hear all the benefits and drawbacks that come with the real estate business in the winter season. 

Good luck with your move- and stay safe 😊