Living in Small Spaces; Can it Work For You?

Image by Patrick PerkinsWith the emergence of so many One Bedroom Condos in Ottawa, ON popping up around the City of Ottawa, we’ve noticed a trend towards living in small spaces. Many of the places The Home Guyz Team have had the opportunity to see lately have been some truly stellar small spaces. Maximizing your square footage is a new trend growing because of the amount of millennial families embracing the minimalist lifestyle and seeking affordable homes with a smaller square footage. 

Small space living isn’t for everyone, but we’ve experienced with clients who truly make a small space work for them by making their space functional. Are you wondering if a small space can work for you? Here are some things to contemplate before making the final decision: 

Minimize:  You have to be willing to minimize. Small spaces just aren’t for everyone. If purging your things gives you anxiety, then a small condo may not be the right choice for you (but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with other great options). You need to be okay with a lack of nick-knacks and chachkies; you simply don’t have the space for the stuff. Rest assured, this way of minimalist living is a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that can bring you a less stressful way of life. 

Think Upwards: You need to have the ability to think creatively and understand how to make good use of the space. Think upwards, high shelving for books and plants, hanging pots and pans. Utilizing every inch of the closet; all the way up to the ceiling, what can often be wasted space can turn into prime storage real estate. Having the ability to adapt your space and think outside the box. Being creative with your space is crucial to making the space functional.

Multi-Purpose Everything: Making sure that everything in your living space has a function, or even better, multiple functions. For example, an ottoman that has the ability to function as a side table, or a dining chair that can double as an office chair when needed.  If this idea feels disappointing, that having to limit your love for décor and abundance feels stifling, think about this as you deliberate the size of house that will work for you. (Ottomans can also offer storage too!)

Choose the Small Space Wisely: Make sure that the space you're buying is something that you can work with. Just because you’ve come to terms with living in a small space doesn’t mean that you’ll be okay with all small spaces.  For example, check the ceiling heights, the natural light, the storage. Think about those extras that need to be hidden (the vacuum, broom, laundry basket and gym bag).

Consider Your Lifestyle: If you are a home-body, your lifestyle is something to take into consideration when deciding if a small space can work for you.  If you’re happy to leave the house to go to the gym, or use the library instead of buying books, and go to the park for the kids to play rather than a backyard, then it may seem like an easy transition. If you like to hunker down at home and use it as your centre for activities then the transition into a small space may be difficult. 


Don’t feel too intimidated by small spaces, they can be a cozy and environmentally friendly way to live. But be aware that this way of living just simply isn’t right for every personality. It has to work for everyone in your household, and it has to be done with great consideration of the way you use your space, your lifestyle and priorities, and your stuff. It can also have great benefits to your finances, your carbon footprint, and your well-being.

Consider wisely and most of all, enjoy your home!


The Home Guyz Team |

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Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash