Holiday decorations are a tradition in most families, and a festive way to join in the Holiday spirit. But many people are unaware that you could cause damage to your home. We have some tips to making sure you’re well prepared and informed with the best ways to install lights, hang garland and make your home a festive fiesta while eliminating damage and staying safe. 


  1. Check your Lights 
Unsafe Christmas lights can be a fire risk. We recommend that you check all your lights carefully to ensure there is no frayed or broken wires. Always use outdoor lights outside- and indoor lights inside. It’s also highly recommended that you buy lights that are certified. Look for the following markers on the tag- CSA, ULC or C-UL.

  2. Use clips with care 
The easiest way to hang outdoor lights is with clips but use common sense when doing so. Gutters are not weight baring and hanging heavy garlands can cause damage. Always read the instructions to make yourself aware of the weight restrictions the clips may have. Never pull or push on the gutter to get the clip or lighting into place. Never let cords or connectors sit in the gutter, as a buildup or snow or water could be hazardous. 

  3. Never use nails to hang décor 
Hammering in a nail into the exterior of your home to get your decorations exactly where you want them may be tempting, but it can cause damage to your home. Not only could cracking happen, but you risk the holes being exposed and letting moisture into the home causing rot.  

  4. Don’t use staples 
White staples can appear to be the fastest and most efficient way of hanging string lights, staples can also cause damage to the exterior of your home. Like the nails, staples can cause cracking, and those cracks can lead to moisture getting in.   

  5. Hang garland carefully 
The look of an evergreen garland framing the front door can be lovely, but if not done correctly, it can cause damage to your door frame. Never nail or staple into your door frame.  You can carefully drill a pilot hole and use screw eyes, or better yet, use suction cup hangers. This will make your garland less secure but will not cause any exterior damage to your home. 

6) Find alternatives 
If you have a wooden porch rails, downspouts, or a wooden arbor. Garlands or lights can often be installed to these structures by pulling tightly and tying them off. Horizontal structures are the best, as the garland can hold itself onto the structure and you don’t have gravity working against your décor.  Using cable ties on downspouts is another great alternative that won’t cause damage.  
  6. Remember your ladder safety  
Ladder safety may make you think of comedic scenes of Clark Griswold, but the danger is real. You must make sure you’re using the ladder correctly. Always clear the surface, have a spotter and three points of contact on the ladder. Not only must you be aware of your own safety first and foremost, but also make sure you use common sense with where your resting your ladder again your home. Make sure it’s a sturdy surface, you don’t want to dent your gutter (or rip it off, like they do in the movies).   

Holiday decorations are a big part of the season, but don’t let them leave permanent damage, follow our tips and you’ll be merrily hanging Christmas lights without worry!