Help & How-To

Favorite Listings


Favorite listings are listings that you can save to your profile for viewing later.

How to favorite a listing

To add a listing to your favorites is simple... Simply click the star icon next to each result or click the "Add To Favorites" button on a listing detail page.

Saved Searches

Our favorite feature here at is saved searches. You may find yourself searching for the same type of property over and over again. To save time, you can save a search so that you don't have to fill out the form each time.

How to save a search

It's easy! Just click the the "Save this Search!" link that you see at the top of a search result page.

Email Updates

Our system can also send you new listings matching your saved search criteria via email on set intervals. You can choose to see new listings daily, weekly or however often you'd like. This will ensure that you're kept up to date with all the newest properties that appear on the market.

To manage your saved searches and email update preferences, please visit your dashboard.