Selling Your Home

Are you looking to sell your home or condo in the Ottawa area? Here is where you’ll find tips and advice on selling your home. We aim to cover a wide variety of topics here such as pricing your home, preparing your home for showing and negotiating offers. We’re just getting started here so please keep checking back for more!

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One of the most important and difficult decisions when it comes to selling one’s home is figuring out the current value of your home and what list price you should set. There are so many different variables in play, but we will do our best in this blog post to try and answer your question of how much should I list my house for?

There are two main questions that an agent will usually look at when helping a client figure out the best listing price for selling a house:

  1. What is my home’s market value?
  2. What price can I list my home for in order to bring in offers at or above my asking price?

Determining Your Home’s Market Value

When it comes to getting the maximum value out of your home and figuring out the best initial selling price, one