How To Prepare Your Home For Showing

So you’ve figured out your initial starting price and you’re home is now on the market… Well, the stress doesn’t end here unfortunately! Now you have to prepare your house for showing to prospective buyers and ensure it stays in tip top shape for each person who walks through those doors.

While you might be selling a “house”, you need to keep in mind that a buyer is looking to find their new “home”. One’s home is a place where you feel happy, secure, and well… at home! It’s a place where one can imagine themselves raising a family or spending their time with grandchildren. There is a lot of emotion involved when buying a home, and your goal should be to cultivate this emotion and these feelings through the house you are selling.

In this series we’ll be exploring some ideas on how you can best go about preparing your home for showing.

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In our first article on preparing your home for showing, we talked about curb appeal and some tips on how to make the exterior of your house look good for showings. We mentioned that a high percentage of homes are actually sold within minutes of a potential buyer pulling into the driveway, which is true. However, you could have the nicest looking exterior in the world, but if a buyer enters your home and see messy, cluttered living spaces you’re going to find that your home is on the market for a long time.

The best advice we give to our clients regarding preparing the interior of their homes for showings is to start off with a targeted approach involving items inside your home. Chances are that you have accumulated a lot of “stuff” throughout the

The old adage of “the first impression is the last impression” is very true when it comes to buying a new home. When you go to prepare your home for that very first showing, always be sure to keep this in the back of your head and start from the outside of your home to the inside.

This might sound crazy to some, but most times a home is actually sold within minutes of a potential buyer pulling into the driveway. That first impression is a big one and is going to last to a buyer throughout the entire showing of your home. If a buyer is interested, that first impression will also last up until they make an offer and can have a great effect on what they perceive to be the value of your home.

So step into the buyers shoes and see it from their