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In the Ottawa Real Estate Board's latest news release, they are reporting that although sales for August of 2014 were down 1.1% from the previous year, they were still higher than the 5 year average and the average sale price increased for both residential homes and condos. The average sale price for Ottawa condos in August was $263,996 which is a 2.3% increase from August of 2013. For residential properties as a whole, the average sale price came in at $381,628, which is an increase of 1.9% from last year.

Typically one can take these average sale prices with a grain of salt however, as the results can be skewed when larger million dollar plus homes and condos sell. President of OREB, Randy Oickle even makes note that the number of residential

Our last blog update featured a few homes for sale in Kanata, which by population is one of Ottawa's largest neighbourhoods. We thought today that we'd take a look at a few of our favorite current real estate listings in Orleans which is even bigger by population and is still growing rapidly. The average price of homes and condos in Orleans is actually quite similar to Kanata, making it an option for almost any home buyer. Let's take a look at a few of our favorite properties (that likely won't be on the market long) in various price ranges:

129 Copperwood St. - Quarry Ridge
This home is currently the largest and most expensive home on the market in Orleans, but for good reason. While it may not look so large from the road, this home boasts over 5,000

It's a buyers market right now in Kanata, as you'll find more properties for sale here than any other Ottawa neighbourhood.

We just made a couple of large updates to our site that will allow you to easily browse MLS listings for rentals in Ottawa. We launched a few new pages for different types of rentals allowing you to see current Ottawa apartments for rent, houses for rent, townhouses for rent and commercial property rentals. In addition to these pages, we wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to further customize your search if you are looking for rental property in Ottawa.

It's actually quite easy. You'll want to visit our advanced search page where you will be able to enter your search criteria on the right hand side. A couple of tips, when doing so:

  • Use the polygon search to only show properties in a specific area. Click here for a quick tutorial on how

If you're searching for an Ottawa home or condo, then making use of our polygon search tool will allow you to easily customize your Ottawa real estate search within the boundaries you define on our interactive map search.

This is our favorite way to search as it allows you to see every home that is within the specific area that you want to live. In addition to setting your boundaries, you can also customize your search with the rest of the options available including property sub type, price range and more.

To make things even better, after you create your search you can save it so that you can easily go back to it without having to set your boundaries and search options again. Once saved, you can also opt to receive email alerts. If new properties

It's been almost a year in development time, but we are finally up and running with the new! We aim to be the #1 online destination for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Ottawa area. Our site offers a number of great features for home buyers in particular that will make it very easy for you to find your dream home in the Ottawa area.

You'll be able to keep a list of your favorite properties, save searches, and receive email alerts the moment new properties come on the market that match your search criteria. Visit our Help & How To page for more information on how these features work and how you can make the most of our site.

In addition to making our site user friendly for home buyers and sellers, we also offer an

OREB just released their Ottawa real estate market update for July, 2014 and it's pretty clear that things are very much on the upswing. The sluggish winter/spring markets have turned around and 2014 marked the 2nd highest sales month on record for July with a total of 1,445 properties sold. Even though the market got off to a slow start this year, this rebound looks to put 2014 on par or slightly above the total sales for last year.

The average sale price which includes both residential properties and condos was $356,735 which was a slight decrease from July of last year. These average sale prices can be slightly skewed however. In this case, there were significantly less homes over the 1 million dollar mark sold in 2014 than there were in 2013. This…

It appears that the Ottawa real estate market is finally beginning to pick up. After speaking with numerous agents, we found an overwhelming consensus that the first quarter of 2014 started out very slow overall. Most agents we spoke with had the same feelings towards the market in that it was over saturated. There were simply too many homes for sale, but not enough buyers. The good news for agents is that it looks like the market has turned the corner since May and things are looking up heading into June and the rest of summer.

According to OREB, home sales rose as high as 26% in May and were above the five year May average from previous years. But even with the amazing month of May, sales are still down overall for the year, which goes to show how

One thing most home buyers want to know before they begin the home buying process, is what expenses they might encounter throughout this process. The price you negotiate for your new home is just the beginning as there are likely going to be more than a few extra expenses and costs that you will be up against. If you have a set budget, you’ll need to take the following into consideration:

Appraisal fee: Your mortgage lender will most likely require a home appraisal in order to ensure that you aren’t drastically over paying for your home. The costs here typically depend on the size of the property and how complex the appraisal will be, but a general ball park figure would be around $150 to $250. Some lenders may waive this fee, so when negotiating

In our first article on preparing your home for showing, we talked about curb appeal and some tips on how to make the exterior of your house look good for showings. We mentioned that a high percentage of homes are actually sold within minutes of a potential buyer pulling into the driveway, which is true. However, you could have the nicest looking exterior in the world, but if a buyer enters your home and see messy, cluttered living spaces you’re going to find that your home is on the market for a long time.

The best advice we give to our clients regarding preparing the interior of their homes for showings is to start off with a targeted approach involving items inside your home. Chances are that you have accumulated a lot of “stuff” throughout the